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    Give a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteers do notGive a helping hand to
    those who need it. Volunteers do not
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    Give a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteers do notGive a helping hand to
    those who need i helping hand to those who need it.

Welcome To Our SHARE Ngo

The non-profit, non-political social organization "Social & Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment" (SHARE) is an endeavor and commitment to address the underprivileged, disadvantaged community living unrecognized in Jharkhand, remote hilly terrains where services are hard to reach.


SHARE wishes to establish a sustainable society, where healthy, educated, egalitarian and JUST SOCIAL order sustains in all spheres of people's life.
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To strike at the root cause of poverty, deprivation and backwardness in order to ensure optimum utilization of available human, natural and
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What You Can Do Here!

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Jarkhand Tribal Development Program

The objective of the Programme is to develop and implement a replicable model that...


Social & Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment(SHARE) has been working as a mentor to implement Jharkhand...


Educating 35 women up to class vii and developing their skill in tailoring/ornament making for IGA...

Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche

Providing day care, primary education and nutrition facility to the children of working women. Selecting needy children...

Environment Awareness

About 1100 and 5008 saplings of sagwan, gamhar and horticulture plants were planted by the community...

Water sanitation

To provide safe drinking water and test metal content in water.Meeting with Gram Sabha and SHGs...


The promotion of income generation activity among SHGs and capacity building in preparing handicraft items...

Women empowerment

Women empowerment through income generation and SHG formation. Formation of 102 self-help groups...